Lone Star Living | Dottie

IMG_0620My name is Dottie. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and what brought me to Westbrae Court Retirement Community. A number of years ago, way before I thought it was necessary, my daughters and my primary care physicians decided I needed to move to a “HOME”. At the young age of 60, and as a former Marine, I was not ready to give up my independence and move into a quote unquote home.

My family used a referral service to locate the “HOME” they wanted to put me into. My daughters chose a Holiday Retirement Community that they believed to be the best community for me at a price we could afford. In August of 2011, I moved into a Holiday Retirement Facility in Spring, TX.

Once the initial co-managers left due to a terminal illness, I no longer felt any degree or expression of love, compassion or unity within the facility. The love and compassion had been taken over by regulations and regimentation and greed. This Holiday Retirement Community replaced the Love with an overpowering desire for money.

I had been tearfully begging my children to help me find another place to live, because I could no longer afford the huge rent increases, and I was becoming a recluse. I was hungry many evenings because of the small portion sizes at the supper meal. Quality of food and portion sizes continued to dwindle as the rent increases continued.

My daughters found Westbrae Court Retirement Community because I told them I would move to a shelter rather than stay in my current Holiday Retirement Community.

My daughters were very reluctant to move me, because they felt responsible for placing me in the Holiday Retirement Community which had turned out to be such a physiological and emotional disaster for me.

I asked my caregiver to go with me to Westbrae Court Retirement Community. As my caregiver rolled me into the front door, while still in the foyer, my caregiver came to my side and we both looked at each other with a stunned, shocked expression. I asked my caregiver, “Do you feel it?” She stated, “Yes I feel it too” – referring to the “Aura of LOVE” that permeated throughout the building.

We both felt the LOVE in the building. At this point, we had not spoken with anyone via telephone or in person. As soon as we came into the building we felt we were embraced by the LOVE within the community. Westbrae Court Retirement Community and the Holiday Retirement Community I was in, both have very similar management structures, community services and amenities.

There is a tremendous difference that has been made in my life since I left the Holiday Retirement “HOME”. I now experience the LOVE and nurture that I was looking for on a day to day basis at Westbrae Court Retirement Community. Every day is the difference between being placed in a Facility vs a “Homey Residence”. The LOVE here at Westbrae continues with the residents and staff and it is contagious.

I am very proud and grateful to call Westbrae Court my real Home – Sweet – Home!

I would like to extend my THANKS to every single member of the Westbrae Court staff who has shared their LOVE with me to make it even more MY HOME!


Dottie McGary