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My name is Dottie. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and what brought me to Westbrae Court Retirement Community. A number of years ago, way before I thought it was necessary, my daughters and my primary care physicians decided I needed to move to a “HOME”. At the young age of 60, and as a former Marine, I was not ready to give up my independence and move into a quote unquote home.My family used a referral service to locate the “HOME” they wanted to put me into. My daughters chose a Holiday Retirement Community that they believed to be the best community for me at a price we could afford. In August of 2011, I moved into a Holiday Retirement Facility in Spring, TX. Read More


There is a refreshing in this community. Upon visiting the first time, the manager, Dana Goss, was exceptionally courteous and displayed love. I could feel joy and peace. I could feel the presence of God. I knew immediately that Westbrae Court was the home for me. Upon moving in, I realized I was in the minority and did i expect to be able to blend with the other nationalities, but everyone is very friendly. The residents watch out for me as well as their comrades. Read More